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Job Details

  • Position:Pre – KG Teacher Assistants
  • School:Liwa International School for Girls (LISG)
  • Description:

    Liwa Education is looking to hire outstanding Pre – KG Teacher Assistants to join our growing and dynamic team in Liwa International School for Girls for the Academic year 2023-24 start.

    Job responsibilities and main duties:

    Ø Support for pupils:
    to assist pupils to become better learners
    to support pupils to overcome barriers to learning so they are able to work independently and in the company of other pupils

    Ø Support for the teacher(s):
    to develop a mutually supportive relationship with the teaching staff to help pupils again access to the curriculum by differentiating instructions and resources

    Ø Support for the curriculum:
    to support the delivery of the enhanced curriculum offered by the school

    Ø Support for the School:
    to work as part of a flexible and supportive team to further the ethos of the school
    to undertake the relevant training to enhance personal development and use the knowledge to benefit the school and its pupils
    to attend Staff, Key Stage and TA’s meetings to develop and disseminate good practice.

  • Qualifications:

    Bachelor’s degree required

    IELTS score of a minimum 5.5 for Non native speakers.

  • Experience:

    At least two-years experience in School field.

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