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  • Position:Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
  • School:Liwa Schools in Al Ain
  • Description:

    Liwa Education is looking to hire an outstanding    Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) to join one of our new schools in Al Ain.


    •  Ensure effective systems of communication, including feedback about students’ learning.

    •  Monitor the quality of SEN support by establishing effective systems to identify and meet the needs of students, whilst ensuring that the systems are coordinated, evaluated and regularly reviewed.

    •  Ensure that the objectives of the SEN policies are reflected in the school improvement plan.

    •  Be up-to-date with knowledge of international, UAE, ADEK and local initiatives which may impact upon School policies and practice.

    •  Monitor the achievements, welfare and discipline of students, and follow up on the progress reviews, liaising with the senior leadership team, HODs, and parents when appropriate.

    •  Liaise with subject departments, particularly regarding transition (from grade 6 to 7), and external agencies such as Exam Boards etc.

    •  Co-ordinate the application for, and special arrangements of external examinations in conjunction with the Assessment Coordinator.

    •  Influence the whole Teaching and Learning policy to promote aspects of inclusive teaching.

    •  Provide opportunities for observation of colleagues/visits to other schools in order to share best practice.

    •  Work with students, subject leaders, class teachers with tutorial/pastoral responsibilities to ensure realistic expectations of behavior and achievement

  • Qualifications:

    •  Bachelor’s degree in Special Education or any post-graduate qualification.

  • Experience:

    •  At least 5 years’ experience in teaching Special Education.

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Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)