Liwa Cares



We are all living in unprecedented times. The lives of parents, children and teachers are being affected with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that alter the way we function on a daily basis.

Liwa Cares is an initiative that aims to support, encourage and help shape the way we adapt to the new normal. Developed collaboratively by Liwa Schools and Liwa Education, the initiative focuses on promoting mental and physical wellbeing through holistic webinars and workshops, targeted at students, parents and staff, aiming to encourage solidarity and support within the schools’ communities.

Through collaborations with government entities such as the Community Police, SEHA and the UAE Red Crescent as well as several private hospitals across the UAE, Liwa Cares is able to provide expert advice, information and reassurance through its series of webinars and school workshops. These carefully curated events cover topics such as holistic health and wellbeing, managing online learning, cyber safety, coping with stress and anxiety, feelings of isolation and uncertainty, time management for working parents, and more.

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