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The American Curriculum

Liwa Education is a group of American International Schools in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Our schools provide a broad-based approach to learning, focused on delivering a high standard of education in a wide range of subjects. The curriculum works on the guiding principal that students will make better choices in their own fields of study, if they have a good education in a number of areas right through to their high school years.

With a strong focus on co-curricular activities to help students in their personal and social development, the curriculum produces students who are adaptable, forward-thinking and equipped with the skills needed in a fast-changing work environment.

Schooling within the American curriculum starts with KG (Up to 4 years) then elementary (4-11 years), progressing to middle school (11-13 years) and then on to high school (13-18 years).

Why choose the American curriculum?

  • An integrated, balanced, student centered curriculum.
  • Standardized testing benchmarked against other international American schools.
  • Opportunities for individualized learning pathways across science, art or both.
  • Best Schools recognized by US, Canadian and UK universities.
  • Age aligned international standards with opportunity to extend students’ knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Well-resourced and supported through interactive and engagement driven resources, teaching materials and exam preparation.

Why choose the Liwa American curriculum?

Our schools offer all of the above, plus:
  • A fully rounded curriculum with a strong set of core and subject competencies including literacy, numeracy, scientific, technological, well-being, creativity skills as well as the application of Islamic and citizenship principles.
  • Strong focus on the student personal development by embracing high ethical values, effective personal attributes, and future
    skills competencies into everything we do.
  • The continuous measurement of student progress and attainment through advanced digital tracking platforms, to assist teachers in making planning decisions, allowing opportunity for student goal setting and offering real time parental access to student’s progress.
  • We promote a thorough understanding of Digital Citizenship, with opportunities for subject integration with technology, working independently through Google Classrooms and Google Apps, and developing the innovation and competency skills needed for the future.
  • High School and Grade 12 Readiness Programs to induct students in the journey ahead, their decisions, academic goals, university and career paths, and the monitoring and intervention needed to ensure their academic success.
  • Our schools offer opportunities for individual and school awards, as well as scholarships to colleges and universities.

Student wellbeing

At Liwa, the welfare of our students is just as important as their academic success. It is therefore imperative that we provide a learning environment that facilitates wellbeing and encourages resilience in students.

A resilient student is a student who overcomes barriers and reaches their potential, regardless of difficult life events or pressures. By promoting a positive environment where respectful, considerate relationships and a safe and healthy lifestyle is the norm, our students can grow into responsible, resilient and socially responsible young adults, ready to take on life’s challenges with confidence and positivity.


Sustainability at Liwa

At Liwa, we don’t just teach sustainability; it is the essence of everything we do. We believe that sustainability in education is as important as the academics and it is our goal to ensure that our future global citizens will make environmentally-friendly decisions when they become leaders, ground-breakers and pioneers.

We have been members of the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi’s SSI (Sustainable Schools Initiative) for more than a decade, and regularly conduct focused awareness campaigns and environmental activities inside and outside of our schools, such as the celebration of environmentally focused UNESCO days. Our partnerships with Masdar, Emirates Environmental Group and other worthy initiatives provide our students with an overall sense of the importance of sustainability in their future lives.


Technology in education

With students already widely using technology outside of the classroom, the integration of technology in learning at Liwa provides excellent opportunities to engage students by adopting a wide variety of learning opportunities delivered in a fun and enjoyable way. The use of the latest technology encourages active participation and collaborative, individualized learning which is often not possible via traditional means.

Our digital classrooms, e-Books and interactive teaching resources are all accessible from our schools’ portals and are used throughout the in-school and distance learning classrooms. Our channels of communication for students, parents and teachers have evolved and grown into a fully functioning home-learning platform through the latest applications such as Google Classroom, Smart Suite, Class Dojo and MS Teams.


Core skills focused

At Liwa we believe the development of core skills is essential for any young person thinking, living and working in this fast-changing world. The Liwa Education Core Competency American Curriculum aims to deliver graduates who will excel in core competencies throughout their education and future career.

A Liwa student is a young person who thinks clearly and rationally while engaging in reflective and independent thinking. They learn to reflect on the importance, relevance and justification of their beliefs, values and viewpoints from local and global perspectives. They are confident communicators, and self-motivated individuals who are not afraid to make mistakes but instead learn from them.


Special educational needs

It is our belief that every student, regardless of their abilities or needs, should be able to successfully transition from school to adult life. Each student has an individual need; it is our role to provide them with real and meaningful educational opportunities. Our SEN teams are dedicated to supporting, nurturing and progressing students, irrespective of their ability, to be the best they can be and achieve their potential in full.

In addition to supporting students with learning difficulties and physical disabilities, Liwa Education is also committed to identifying gifted and talented students and providing them with an effective program of challenging and exciting learning.

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